2020:  Great graphic program.. excellent for seamless backgrounds and curved text making
DEZONE:  Decoder for  text
FILE RENAMER: synchronizes all your files in order and any format as they are. Make sure if its a .jpg that all of them are jpg's. cant mix synchronizing 2 different formats at same time.
FontThing:  For organizing fonts on computer,   To install The Font Thing from this set, unzip the
distribution file to a folder of your choice, such as "C:\Program Files\Fisher\The Font Thing".
GESTURE GENIE: Create gestures with this program for VPlaces
GESTX: Small program so u can look at gestures and delete what you don't want.
GRABBER: Capture any avatar you want.  Great for Stealing
OCX INSTALLER: Installs games or frames so they will work in VPlaces
PATCHWORX2:is the follow up to TBH  Patchworx, an all-in-one patching program for Virtual Places.  DO NOT CLICK ON UPDATE!!  install this program with vplaces closed
SRIP32: Great little capture program. Great for avatars, Images, jpg, pic, psp   the whole window if you want...
VPAINT1.3: is a Filter/Wall. for vplaces
VPAINT1.5: Up Date for vpaint 1.3
ADAWARE2007: Lovasoft anti-spy ware  for your PCS I hold no responsibility to this program .. click on link will take u to the internet Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition 1.06  download on page aaw2007.exe
ANFY: Java version 2.0      ....52 applets for web pages, blogs, or screensaver. anfy210e.exe
OCXFILES : These ocx files are needed for some old programs vplaces uses, for example one of them is needed so Mass Immer can be ran, download zip unzip folder to windows system then drag and drop each one on top of regsvr32.exe this registers them.
YACKITY-YAK CHAT  SERVER: To access yak chat server, this will not over write on halsoft. d/l  to pc. double click on icon.  run program, will "exe"  to it's own  folder. email me if u have any problems to: YakChat3300.exe
Avatar Swinger:  after u download open top left hand corner change numbers to 950 the go above click on flip then click start. once u back in main room go above to where it says avatars  in once on avatars and u should start swinging...Lol Dizz.exe
HTML Scroll Bar Style: download to pc  start playing around with it have fun...Lol


Click on the zip program you want. Save to your desktop. Go to zip file double click unzip it to where you want it . Enjoy ! These are Freeware programs they are not to be sold. I got them off the internet for your enjoyment. thank you.